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                                                                            is the first all black, all femme DJ & MC collective in Austria and was founded by Elisabeth Taruvinga Mtasa & Enyonam Tetteh-Klu to support femmes from all backgrounds and to celebrate them. Together with their resident DJs Tmnit Ghide & Tonica Hunter und resident MC Tanya Moyo they want to create safe intended spaces in which queer BIPOCs can come together and celebrate each other.


“Our main intention every time we perform is to bring people together, queer BIPOCs to be exact. We want folx to celebrate themselves especially because we tend to forget that there is so much beauty in queer BIPOC bodies. Our parties or whenever we DJ we want queer BIPOCs to be able to liberate their bodies through movement. There is so much joy in watching people free themselves through dancing & just being in the moment.”

How does your community influence your creative process?

The work we are doing is because of the community we have. It would be unthinkable to us to do the things we are doing without our community. It is very important for us to acknowledge and honour the people who have made things possible for us today and for them to see that we appreciate the work they have been doing and still doing today.

A juicy slice of advice?

Eat your fruits, drink plenty of water & express your love to your loved ones.

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