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Aaro Nora Scherer

                                       is a social worker, s_x worker, activist and performance artist with a background in drama education from Germany. Now living in Vienna and studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. aarons interactive, immersive and durational performance works create situations that allow them to explore social dynamics, contemporary forms of communication and intimacy. Through multilayered video assemblages and body-art aarons current research examines identity as fluid tool beyond fixed representation.


“On intimacy, 
kink and

                                      Having worked in different fields in the s_xwork industry, engaged in the s_xpositive scene in Germany and Austria and as activist of Red Edition aaron will talk about their experiences tackling different topics such as selfcare, s_xpositivity, vanilla shaming and selfpleasure. after their talk they will guide you through an exercise to connect with yourself through touch and breath.

                How does your community influence your creative process?

it influences me big time. I think I can’t and don’t want to live anymore anywhere where I’m not surrounded by other cute queer people. as I just moved to vienna few months before lockdown it wasn’t possible to really dive into the queer community that much so unfortunately it wasn’t possible to create a strong network of care which is really important to me. regarding my creative process I value the criticality, knowledge and exchange within the community the most.

A juicy slice of advice?

you should never apologize for setting your boundaries. get to know yourself, know what you want and what is good for you and communicate it in an honest way.

I recommend…

sonnymoon, miguel atwood-ferguson - just before dawn
(just a sweet track that I like to listen to)