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Enesi M. Caixeta

                                                                                                                                                           is a musician and transdisciplinary poet, meaning she composes and produces her own instrumentals and her poem transcend the classic „on paper“ form into songs, objects or visuals. Her words tell you about every day life, love and inhabiting a black/brown
body in a neocolonial matrix. Enesi M. Is of Cuban and Brazilian descent, was brought up in Upper Austria and lives in Vienna.

‘ Enesi M. Live session‘   

How does your community influence your creative process?

My community is the reason why I make music, why I make art. The stylistic choices which I incorporate are totally oriented and rooted in the black/latinx queer community. Brazilian Baile funk, Cuban raeggeton, Chicago drill and house, trap and hip hop as a whole, rock and heavy metal - all these genres and art forms come from us. They come from black people, from Afro-latinxs, from queer people.

A juicy slice of advice?

                            Be accountable but don’t believe the haters. Learn to discern them from one another. Accountability is key, as well as believing in and loving yourself.

I recommend…

I recommend learning about Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
Especially if you’re into heavy music.