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Laura Hatting

                                                                                                          born 1994 in Leipzig, Germany, lives in Vienna, where she studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, works as Sculptor, Essayist and Black Metal Vocalist. Her body of work centers around monstrosity, it’s exploitation, and it’s liberating potential.

“fuck being funny:
eine Tragödie”      

is a  lecture performance  based on the text “fuck being funny” from October 2020, which was intended to be a contribution to a publication for Gabriele Edlbauer. The original text was censored by Erste Bank’s culture sponsoring team as they believed an essay that includes a passage calling Kant a racist asshole did not match their educational mandate.

The text in question can be summarized as the rejection of the term and concept of being “subversive” and an ode to proximity, which, luckily, really does not serve any educational purpose at all. 

                How does your community influence your creative process?

I can’t really call myself a community person since any closed environment will make me unhappy at some point. But what I (have to) do is acknowledging and fighting the common struggles of any human living a periphery existence since we have to see each other for the sake of staying sane.

A juicy slice of advice?

The desire for acceptance is never a good reason.

I recommend…

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.