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                                                                                                                   is a spiritual being having a human experience. They study at the academy of fine arts, in contextual painting with Ashley Hans Scheirl. Msteazahs work revolves around dreams, lucid dreaming, healing & vibrating pure love using interdisciplinary mediums such as music, performance, writing, video, photography, fashion & many more. Their most recent performances were in cooperation with Wien Woche - Festival for Art and Activism, brut - Imagetanz & WUK.

‘ fruit salad‘   

“My inspirations come from dreams, love and a diasporic lifestyle.
For fruit fest I decided to create a fruit salad of sounds, samples, melodies, effects, 808s, beats where I feed you one spoon of this juicy fruit salad,
a lil bit of every fruit to give you a taste of the soundscapes I produce.”

How does your community influence your creative process?

By magnificently being themselves and leaving me my space to create in my own realm.

A juicy slice of advice?

ingat (tagalog) / aufpassen / take care
with everything
incl. yourself, body - mind - soul
your environment & universe

I recommend…

I recommend nurturing your soul and therefore becoming the artist I recommend.