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Mai Ling 

                                                                                       is an artist association and artist collective founded 02/2019 in Vienna, contextualising and fostering contemporary Asian art and culture with a focus on FLINT* diaspora. Mai Ling offers a platform in which we can share our individual experiences and opinions about related subjects against racism, sexism, homophobia and any kind of prejudgment.

“Mai Ling Kocht 2      
(edition: fish)” 

                                            Mai Ling Kocht is a series of oral, auditory and haptic meals tapping into the evolution of Asian food through mobility. Taking place in both physical and virtual realms, Mai Ling experiments with conviviality inviting participants to descend into a deeper exploration of food — its stickiness, its histories and its politics.

    How does your community influence your                 creative process?

Our community is Mai Ling and we influence each other by being together. The process of collaborative work is searching for and creating temporary forms of community.

A juicy slice of advice?      

Shut the fuck up and listen!

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