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                                                                                          is an  interdisciplinary an artist mixing performance, visual art and critical Theory  as well a  free curator,  likes pop music and to cook with friends and eat together. TARSSE attended the academy of fine arts and wants to finish her doctorate soon, works hard every day, and lives collectively, sometimes dreams alone but many times together, likes to laugh and enjoy life as a form of resistance.

‘ Listening to the Pause Silence of my Re-Birth‘   

Appreciation of the listening pauses as appreciating and understanding silence, listening to the sounds of silence, imagining the noise of silence, experiencing silence, invoking silence, being cherished by silence, being silent before silence and learning how to breath and to re-birth.

How does your community influence your creative process?

My community warms my heart and sometimes moves what one thinks is impossible.
When in community we embrace and continue to inspire not to move something alone.

A juicy slice of advice?

Have you done something today to not only react to the matrix?
Are you crossing the matrix and navigating through a fictional visionary imagination?

I recommend…

listening to Buffy Sainte-Marie